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Jen Hamilton

Jen Hamilton has been a Mid-Atlantic territory manager with Pet Food Experts since 2014. Thanks to her mom, Jen has always been surrounded by animals of all kinds and developed a love for the pet food industry at an early age. She is passionate about animal welfare and nutrition and loves supporting a thriving community of independent pet retailers. She lives in Doylestown, PA with her fiancé Joe and her two cats - Mister Charlie Bitters and Lorde Monkey Chunk (aka Charlie and Monkey)

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By: Jen Hamilton   February 28th, 2019

Cat Not Using Its Litter Box? Tips for Solving Litter Box Aversion

Health & Wellness

Litter boxes are a great indication of your cat’s health. The size and frequency of urination and the smell and color of feces can tell you a lot about the health of your pet. Keeping an eye on your litter box can clue you into your cat’s gut health, level of hydration (or level of dehydration) and even show early signs of urinary tract issues. All too often, cats stop using their litter boxes to the confusion and dismay of their human counterparts. They could be urinating in the sink or tub, defecating in the bed sheets, or going to the bathroom anywhere but the litter box.

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