Stacy Farias

Stacy joined the Pet Food Experts team in 2008 as their first full-time marketing employee and has been working in the pet industry for nearly 11 years. You can often find her geeking out over the latest in marketing technology, and looking for ways it can empower independent pet retailers everywhere. She currently lives on a large property in rural Massachusetts with her family where you can find her taking a hike in the woods with her rescue dog (and pet product tester) Ripley, or in her garden flexing her green thumb.

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Why Email Marketing is a No-Brainer for Pet Retailers

By: Stacy Farias   October 11th, 2018

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Email marketing gets a bad reputation, some even say the practice is a form of antiquated marketing with little return on investment. Well I am here to tell you this just is not true. In actuality, research supports that people do read most of their emails and don't mind them from companies they do business with as long as they are interesting and relevant. In fact, with the proper strategy any business can succeed with email marketing, even pet retailers.

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