Gabe Juarez

Gabe joined the NextPaw team after graduating college. He loves to use his expertise to help independent pet retailers take their online identity to the next level. Being the millennial that he is he loves to spend evenings binge-watching his favorite shows. When Gabe is not at work he can be found hiking in the mountains of Utah with his wife Marley and their 6 lb Australian Shephard (Cooper) or playing with his crazy cat (Nugget).

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By: Gabe Juarez   June 5th, 2019

5 Ways Online Reviews Drive Customers to Pet Businesses

Business Boosters | Marketing Tips

Original Post by: NextPaw March 4, 2019 Local pet shops face many unique challenges. For one, how do you stand out from the pack of other independent pet retailers in your area? Or even more challenging, how do you get noticed more than big box stores with their big marketing budgets? Getting a pet owner’s attention is the first step to driving more business to your store. The act of enticing customers has become increasingly difficult as consumers choices have drastically multiplied. “The paradox of choice,” states that when people are presented with a wider selection of options, the time that a person takes to make a decision increases rather than decreases.

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