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Candace D'Agnolo

Candace D'Agnolo

5 Revenue Generators that Won't Cost You

Did you know 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers? That’s right! So while your competition worries about getting new customers in the door, you can take advantage of the more lucrative opportunities already walking in. Here are five easy strategies you can implement today to strategically sell more to your top 20%. We will call these your "all star customers", the ones who faithfully come back for more. 

#1. Lead with a Conversation Every Time

“Hi! How are you?”
“My name is Mary, let me know if you need anything.”

I bet you’re already cringing...

Saying either of these phrases is almost as detrimental as just ignoring the customer completely. Yet, I’ve witnessed sales associates all over the country say them time and again.


Instead of the same old lines, why not train your team to have a conversation?

“Hi there, what brings you in today?” or “Tell me about your pet, I love his/her shiny coat”.

An attempt at a conversation should include open-ended questions that encourage customers to open up. Customers get to know, like, and trust a sales associate who genuinely listens and responds. Suddenly the appropriate products and services are a much easier sell for your team member...and bonus!... your team member now has the benefit of good information to help recommend the right things.

2. Always Remember the Complementary Add-On

Items of equal or lower value that complement the primary purchase should never be forgotten, but often are because we get lazy and just assume that if the customer needed it they would have asked. Stop assuming and make it automatic to suggest the most natural add-on to every sale.

For Example, a pet parent shopping for a coat could surely also use dog shoes. A customer buying a collar might need a matching leash or updated ID Tag. Complementary items are the path of least resistance from the customer as you’re suggestively selling, and they’re just good plain customer service. This also helps to establish your store as the local spot of knowledgeable pet experts.

Service providers often have an especially easy time with complementary add-ons... if they remember to ask...

When a client books a boarding appointment, ask if they’d like their dog to be groomed before pick up so he smells "fresh and clean". After they say yes, ask about teeth brushing or de-shedding services. Before you know it you’ve added an extra $50 to that reservation just because you asked a few simple questions. If repeated, that extra revenue will add up quickly!

#3. Dig to the Root of the Issue for More Items

Once your team masters the basics of the conversation, they can use it to sell more while wowing the customer with extraordinary service.

Let’s say a customer comes in for a harness. Instead of immediately jumping to the complementary matching leash, a conversation can get to the heart of the need.

What’s really making the customer come in for the harness? (Not really one of those “just gotta have a new one” items…) What if your inquisitive team member discovers they’re fed up with their dog pulling?

While fitting the dog for a harness, the associate drops some expert knowledge... While the harness will help, the true trick to ending the pulling is teaching the dog the “heel” command. And to have a focused dog during training, they of course need your absolute favorite, no dog can resist, super yummy training treats.

It doesn’t stop there!...

This specific problem/solution connection can even lead you to a treat pouch purchase. Toss them some training tips on how to master heel, and score! Double add on!

#4. Connect all the Dots and Then Use Them to Upsell

Taking the harness example further, help the customer connect all the dots of the purchase they are about to make...

What other products might they need as a result of using the product they came in for? Will the dog’s fur matte from the harness rubbing?

Perhaps inform them of this potential result of wearing a harness and suggest a slicker brush?

Does the dog have little to no hair like a boxer or pit bull?  Let them know about coconut oil or other balms to soothe and protect rough patches.

#5. Be Strategic with your Register Area

The register area is the final place where you can increase a sale. Be strategic with the items you feature here instead of cluttering it up with small, miscellaneous afterthoughts.

Higher priced and seasonal merchandise can do very well if given the proper display and signage. This is a great spot for Flea & Tick products. Let your customer's know they can purchase this from you and don't have to see a vet.

At my boutique, we had 3 buckets overflowing with bully sticks at 3 different price points to accommodate all budgets.

We included a sign that read…

“Your dog will be upset if you leave empty-handed. He’ll be able to smell that you were near a bully stick. Stock up today - Buy 3 Get the 4th Free.”

Bully products range in price from $9-$20. More than ½ our customers would bite and most never bought only one! This concept sometimes resulted in a $60 impulse purchase!

Some final words of wisdom...

Each of these 5 tactics require involvement from you and your team to engage with your customers, but the amazing thing is that they don’t cost you any extra money!

Practice makes perfect, so my final suggestion is to plan out scenarios for your merchandise and services. Practice running through them with your team so everyone is confident, comfortable and can think quickly on their feet.

How do you generate more revenue? Comment below and let us know!

About Candace D'Agnolo

A pet industry veteran of 15 years, Candace has successfully translated her passion for pets into multimillion-dollar businesses. She’s conquered cash flow, tackled team issues, and traveled the world while her business ran like clockwork at home, and created a "Pet Boss" lifestyle... but it wasn’t always that way! She’s turned obstacles into opportunities and created step-by-step systems for every facet of pet businesses. Whether you’re working 70-hour weeks with no paycheck, stuck with stale inventory you just can’t move, wondering where your customers are and why your employees have forgotten you’re the boss, Candace can help you turn it all around. Pet Boss Nation is a coaching and consulting community bringing profits to pet businesses everywhere!