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Blog Feature

By: Kc Mutchler   August 15th, 2018

4 Ways Supplements Help Improve Pet Health (and Your Sales!)

Pet Nutrition | Health & Wellness

Let’s face it: despite the high quality food brands you sell at your store, many pets could benefit from supplements. Pets experiencing symptoms like lack of energy, dull coat, upset stomach, bad breath, and even cancer can benefit from the right supplement recommendation. Even better, you have the opportunity for an add-on sale for nearly every customer that walks through your door.

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Blog Feature

By: Stacy Wood   July 20th, 2017

Changing Things Up: Benefits of Rotational Feeding

Pet Nutrition | Health & Wellness | Marketing Tips

Let's be honest, the monotony of the same old, same old kibble routine doesn’t provide enough of a variety to meet a dogs’ nutritional needs. Enter, the rotational diet. Rotational feeding involves varying the menu on a periodic basis so dogs can broaden their palates and experience a wider range of nutrients and ingredients, giving them a full and balanced diet.

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