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Abby Gunderson

Abby Gunderson

Skout’s Honor Introduces Brushless Oral Care for Pets

Expanding into a rapidly growing category like pet Oral Care can be daunting 
for any brand. However, when Skout’s Honor unveiled its forthcoming brushless oral care line at
SuperZoo's industry atmosphere swiftly transformed from uncertainty to enthusiastic anticipation last year.

Since 2016, Skout’s Honor has meticulously established a strong reputation in the
pet retail industry with its comprehensive product offering in multiple categories that combine
effective solutions with exceptional customer service, celebrated marketing strategies,
competitive pricing, engaging educational platforms, trusted performance guarantees, and
captivating packaging. These integral components not only elevate consumer expectations, but
also drive sales and satisfaction beyond the mere quality of the product itself.

So, how does a company known for a commitment to excellence approach oral care? For
Skout's Honor, the focus is squarely on the problem at hand: tartar. While we're all acquainted
with plaque, the soft and slimy film that accumulates on teeth during the day and can be
relatively easy to remove, tartar represents the arch-nemesis of any dental regimen. Tartar is
difficult to eliminate and also provides a sanctuary for harmful bacteria (responsible for tooth
decay, bad breath, and gum disease) to flourish beneath a calcified shell. Once plaque transitions
to hardened tartar on the teeth, it becomes impervious to the mechanical action of toothbrushes
and dental treats.

Faced with the hard truth that over 75 percent of pet parents don’t brush their pets’ teeth
and only one percent continue to do so for life, the team at Skout’s Honor has made it a priority to
secure the most effective technology solution for breaking down and preventing tartar,
seamlessly integrating it into this new brushless product line. While many companies have
obtained VOHC approval for addressing plaque, the technology in Skout’s Honor's Brushless Oral
Care stands alone in its validation for combating tartar in water additives. Even more exciting for
those who love doggy kisses and cat cuddles is how quickly these products freshen
pets’ breath!

However, a discerning retailer understands that it takes more than just a quality product to
effectively make sales - it takes a strong brand to captivate customers. While some might refer to
it as the "it" factor, Skout’s Honor sees this new line as a comprehensive product offering from a
brand that pet parents already trust. The acceptance and success of these new products
represent a fusion of broad awareness, consumer trust, compelling promotional incentives, and top-tier customer service - turning a standalone product into much more than just another item
on the shelf.

We all acknowledge the deep affection people have for their companion animals, and the
oral care category continues to experience remarkable growth. Whether you call it humanization
or not, Skout’s Honor embraces the extra effort it takes to create products that truly enhance the
quality of life for pets and people.

The NEW Skout’s Honor Oral Care line includes:
- Two Water Additives (32 oz)
- Peanut Butter and Bacon
- Fresh & Flavorless
- Pet Dental Wipes (50ct)
- Plant-based, biodegradable fibers
- Oral Gel (4oz)
- Peanut Butter & Bacon flavored
- Easy-to-apply tip
- Advanced Dental Drops (4oz)
- Serum soft pump - startle-free application of product
- For targeting “problem areas” with tartar build-up, stains, etc.

This blog was written in a paid partnership with Skout's Honor. 

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About Abby Gunderson

Abby joined the Pet Food Experts marketing team as the Marketing Manager in the summer of 2022. As a ten-year marketing veteran with a journalism background, Abby is thrilled to be working in the pet industry as an animal lover and advocate. When she's not creating marketing magic with the PFX team, you can find her in the White Mountains of New Hampshire either on a snowboard or in hiking boots, picking up a foster pup to give them a place to crash before they find their forever home, or hunting for a van to become an adventure home on wheels. Currently, she lives in Southeastern Massachusetts with her husband, two cats, and three dogs.