The Better De-Shedder: Eazee Blog Feature
Holly Everett

By: Holly Everett on January 24th, 2018

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The Better De-Shedder: Eazee

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The Eazee de-shedding tool and Click & Brush grooming system are brought to you by Swees America, the U.S. division of a pet-focused product development firm based in France. The Eazee is the brainchild of Eddy Cathaud, an entrepreneur who originally launched a chain of pet stores that can now be found in over 20 locations throughout France.


After several customers shared their concerns about using a metal-edged tool to de-shed their pets, Eddy decided to do something about it.

Why do they call it the Better De-Shedder?

Safer: Unlike ordinary metal de-shedding tools, the Eazee features a composite plastic comb with smooth, rounded teeth. There are no sharp edges that can scratch pet parents or their furry friends.

Gentler: Thanks to Eazee’s unique design, there’s no risk of pulling live hair—pets will enjoy being groomed every day.

Easier to use: Eazee’s precisely balanced head and nonslip handle make de-shedding pets a breeze. To dispose of the loose hair collected, just pull the button back to eject. Because the tool is constructed from materials with anti-static properties, the hair will slide off.

More effective: The tool comes with two reversible combs. The white comb is designed for daily de-shedding of thin or thick coats. The black comb is intended for more intense thick or thin coat de-shedding.

More stylish: The de-shedder is available in six colors that pet parents will love.

Contact your Pet Food Experts sales rep to learn more about this safe, easy to use de-shedding tool!


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