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Holly Everett

By: Holly Everett on January 19th, 2017

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4 Ways Astro Loyalty Can Help Boost Your Business

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Does your store offer manufacturer frequent buyer cards to your customers?  Gain a competitive edge over big box stores and online retailers by partnering with Astro Loyalty, the leader in frequent buyer automation.

The integrated, real-time platform transforms punch cards, paper forms, and files into a digital point-of-sale system that can be accessed by Web browser or the Astro app.

It's fast, cost efficient, and accurate, which will help streamline the frequent buyer process, increase sales, and improve your business! What do you have to lose?

Astro Loyalty is the leader in frequent buyer automation.

Here are a few definitive ways that Astro Loyalty can help your business.

#1. Save Valuable Time

You and your customers will absolutely love the simplicity of Astro. No cards, UPCs, or receipts to save —just a quick scan at the register and Astro keeps track of every purchase.

Keeping every purchase in a database also gives you the opportunity to keep track of customer sales and in turn you can use that data in target marketing campaigns.

#2. Get Credits from Pet Food Experts Faster

Using Astro Loyalty cuts your coupon redemption time in half! Data is sent to us immediately, which means no manual reporting done on your end. 

#3. Create Loyal and Happy Customers

Pet industry trends show that utilizing manufacturer frequent buyer programs are a great way to get your customers to come back to your store. Combined with your store's own loyalty programs, you will quickly build a solid and happy customer base.

#4. Compete Against Online and Big Box Retailers

Astro is not available to big box and online retailers - this platform is a perfect fit for the independent pet retailer.

Astro Loyalty is committed to empowering independent retailers and offers a fully-integrated platform that will help your business thrive. Visit Astro Loyalty to learn more and set your independent pet store up for success!


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